Waterslide Decal Paper CLEAR!!

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WaterSlide Decal paper for use with inkjet printers. CLEAR PAPER. WaterSlide is GREAT for adding detailed images to tumblers and keychains!

Instructions for Waterslide decal paper:
1. Apply Krylon acrylic spray over the decal paper printed by any inkjet printer. This process it is not required for the laser printed paper. Do not use solvent based coatings or ink with this paper. 
2. After it is dry cut out your image and immerse the decal into water bath and slide off the thin film from the liner in 30 seconds.
3. Remove the water inside the film using soft paper and or rubber squeegee.
4. Dry completely the image film using a hair dryer or oven. When possible heat curing at 300 F for 30 min further enhanced surface hardness.
Due to the sensitivity nature of this product we do not accept returns for the decal paper.